Because you are worth it…..

SELF CARE- “The importance of self care is vital to one’s physical and mental health.” Whether it be a vacation, a day at the beach or a healthy indulgence, self care is vital in the journey of good health and mental health. Taking initiative to place oneself as a priority and to engage in things that one loves (and finds pleasurable) is the key to a balanced life! If you need some motivational coaching in ways to take better care of yourself personally or professionally, please reach out to Dr. Finneran at Vecc & Associates for a consultation. #workhardplayharder #selfcare

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The Power of Family

THE POWER OF FAMILY- (Photo credit- Carmelena Innocenzi Fleet)
As generations gone by and and technology has taken over, the essence of family seems to have dissipated over the years. The power of your family, can be uplifting, supportive and understanding in nature. As a society, we have stepped away from that and may not see the importance of how a family dynamic can be truly and primarily a supportive network. Some people do not feel this way about their own family because of past traumas that their families have bestowed on them. As a result, people get their support in other ways through professionals or friends to help process the hurt from their families. If you want to build a primary supportive network or a neutral, unbiased party, please reach out to attain that support that might be needed. Dr. Michele Finneran can be available for a free 30 minute, face to face consultations….to see if the fit is right. Vecc & Associates would love to be apart of your primary support network. Please contact Dr. Finneran or schedule an appointment on our website.
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Ok, everyone…its Friday!!! Time to put the week behind us, in preparation for the weekend. This means extra time to take care of yourself and reward yourself for all your hard work throughout the week. Go ahead, you deserve it! Be nice to yourself and get that extra 2 hours of sleep, engage with friends, get your toes in the sand, order a fantasy dinner or dessert. Make time to feel good about all the efforts you put in this week and make time to reward yourself, so burnout does not occur. We need to treat ourselves with kindness and unconditional love. Plan something this weekend for yourself, so that YOU can look forward in order to REJUVENATE! TGIF!
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Florida Firefighters Safety & Health Collaborative

November 28th and November 29th 2017, I attended a Clinical Awareness Training for clinicians in the local area.  The goal was to learn more about the firefighter culture in order to be more effective in treating Fire Fighters in a clinical manner.  We discussed how to distinguish signs and symptoms of stress within the firefighter, and how being a firefighter, police officer or first responder is how they highly identify themselves more so than a civilian would.  This  collaborative effort assists newly hired fire fighters, the firefighter’s family members and friends.  We specifically talked about Suicide, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & Addictions with the field.

Please check out the website: and to see how you can assist in understanding with education, training and the sharing of best practices to minimize risk and exposure to our Florida Fire Fighters.

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There is a gift for us that comes our way.  Sometimes the gift is a behavior we are learning to acquire:  detachment, self-esteem, becoming confident enough to set a boundary, or owning our power in another way.

Some relationships trigger healing in us-healing from issues of the past or an issue we are facing today.

Sometimes we find ourselves learning the most important lessons from the people we least expect to help us.  Relationships may teach us about loving ourselves or someone else, or just maybe we will learn to let others love us.

Sometimes, we are not certain what lessons we are learning, especially while we are in the midst of the process.  However, we can trust that the lesson & gift are there.  We do not have to control this process.  We will understand, when it is time.  We can also trust that the gift is precisely what we need.

Today, let us be grateful for all our relationships.  Let us open ourselves to the lesson & gift from each person in our lives and trust that we are also a gift in other people’s lives.

The 5 Secrets to Forgiveness

Many of us have been emotionally, physically, or spiritually hurt. That pain often turns into anger and resentment as we replay the events that occur in our heads, reliving the moment again and again. This, in and of itself, is very destructive behavior because we can actually pull the past into our present preventing any sustainable level of growth. Here are a few things to consider if you are having difficulty moving forward.

  1. Forgiveness can break the connection – When there is someone in your life that you are having a hard time forgiving, the energy of that person and situation remains within you. You continue to allow the pain, the abuse and the trauma to remain with you. This is a choice. Forgiveness is not something that you can or cannot do. It is simply a matter of choosing to change your thoughts, beliefs and ideas about a given situation or person in your life.
  2. Forgiveness will bring you closer to who you are – When you are unable to forgive, you deny your own power as the creator of your life and hand it over to the other person basically saying you are subject to the will of another. The reality is you are a very powerful being who has been given free will and the unlimited power to create whatever you want to be, do or have. Once you remember this, forgiveness will become second nature because now you understand that nothing can exert itself against you. The only things that come to you are those things you have drawn to your through your thinking.
  3. Forgiveness allows others to grow– The act of forgiveness allows the other person to move on. Until you are able to forgive and release a person from the responsibility for you pain, this person remains connected to you. Forgiveness creates harmony because you are handing the other person a passport to more freedom and joy. In doing so, you are creating an environment in which you can thrive.
  4. Self forgiveness removes layers of shame and guilt– It means being willing to exercise compassion toward yourself. Let go of the fear of the unworthiness and failure and learn to accept you as you are.
  5. Give yourself a gift- By forgiving; you empower yourself and your spirituality. You heal deep-rooted pain that perhaps you thought was long gone, but has survived, living under long-held resentment. By forgiving you are one step closer to your journey of self-growth and healing.

“Who are you willing to forgive in your life?”

We Salute Our Veterans This Memorial Day

We salute every soldier who’s
served this great nation.
And offer a heart of thanks
and appreciation!

We salute each member
of our armed forces.
And are thankful for their
efforts and resources!

We salute the many who
protect our borders too.
We’d be in trouble…
If not for people like YOU!

We salute every son and
daughter lost in a war.
YOU are what serving this
country is meant for!

We salute the officers who’ve
guided our women and men.
Our prayers are with you!
And our love from within!

We salute our veterans!
Wherever they may be!
Those who served on
land, air and sea!

Offering prayer to the
Lord is our belief…
That he will guide our

As we observe Memorial Day this year…
Let’s offer our soldiers
love, hope and cheer!

May God bless them in
all they endeavor
And his peace be with them
today and forever!!

By Jim Pemberton